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Chirp Films is a full-service boutique production company specializing in commercials and branded content. As a small collective of experienced industry professionals, we believe in a hands-on approach to production. 


Our capabilities cover the full scope of the physical creative process, acting as partner to agencies and production companies from concept though final delivery, consistently producing high-quality work on efficient timelines.


With our network of directors and creative resources, we have the ability to find the perfect talent match for any project.


We also have experience with foreign companies looking for a knowledgable team to produce their shoot in the United States. Our production experience and low overhead ensures that we are cost-effective, allowing us to pass savings on to our clients while still delivering a high level of production.


Managing Director Breigh Sutherland has the spent the past 19 years on jobs across the country and now world, filming commercials and branded content in a variety of environments and situations. Along the way, she’s been fortunate to work on projects large and small, including regional, national, and Super Bowl campaigns for clients as prestigious as Nickelodeon, Audi, Nike, Bank of America, Disney, and many more.


Executive Producer John Malina brings nearly 28 years of commercial producing experience. John has produced music videos, short films, and commercials all over the world. His knowledge creates a problem solving dynamic that allows Chirp to partner with all kinds of clientele.


Chirp is a certified women owned business.



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